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Pensiunea Casa Apuseana, Lupsa, Jud. ALBA

SC Ariesul Prodimex SRL,
Baia de Aries, Str. Ariesului nr. 6
CUI: RO8685775, J01/413/1996
Cont: RO84 RNCB 0008 0201 1475 0001, BCR Campeni

Phone: +4 0258/ 769 018
+4 0748/ 115 734
Fax: +4 0258/ 775 353
E-mail: casa.apuseana@gmail.com
Visit also: www.cabanavartop.ro

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Casa Apuseana

Pensiunea Casa Apuseana The Aries valley, this Romanian paradise formed in the rocks by nature itself, shows us unique and wonderful landscapes is the place where the Sunset House pension was built.

Situated in Lupsa village, which has a major importance in the history of the Aries Valley, being situated in the nearby a monastery, the Sunset House pension offers multiple rest and relaxation possibilities.

The touristic ranges are countless and you will always be satisfied of what you will see when reach your destination. You can have access in this zone by consulting the localization map.